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Web Video: Streaming Video

The term streaming media describes the controlled incremental delivery of video over the web. Webcasting is the delivery of a live event using streaming technology. On-demand viewing is possible as well using streaming technology to deliver prerecorded files.

The format can be Windows Media, Real Video, Quicktime, Flash or as an audio file, which is may be an MP3 format. Each of those formats come in variable data rates. These rates are important because they determine who can see your video based on their Internet connection speed. If someone is watching your lecture from a dial up modem, the data rate will be considerably lower quality and someone on a broadband or campus connection.

So, what's the difference between the different formats? For some people, it is personal preference. For others, quality of the video file, or they want the player that the widest variety of their audience will be using. You can offer just one or multiple formats for your viewers.

You can also choose whether the viewer can download the video stream to their hard drive, or to only watch it from one of our servers. You can restrict the viewing to just the MIT community, or open it to the world.

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Encoding Webpage Rates

Rates below are given specified in and outpoints from client.

  > 15 Min > 30 Min > 60 Min > 90 Min
Flat rate for file import or transcode, regardless of output file type. This includes 6 months free hosting or moving the file to a downloadable directory for hosting by client. $49      
Audio only   $15* $30* $45
Dial up video (56kbps)   $15* $30* $45
Low bandwidth rate (128 - 250 kbps)   $45 $90 $135
Mid to High bandwidth (350-750kbps)   $60 $120 $180
MPEG1, MPEG2, Quicktime, AVI uncompressed   $90 $180 $270
Rush Charges (4 days or less turnaround) +2 minute charge over regular rates
*These are not stand alone rates, but as part of a package with other encoding work.

Rich Media Capture

Rich Media capture is a term we use for a computer generated form of streaming media which provides both a video window as well as the computer presentation on the same screen, giving the viewer the ability of navigate through a presentation.

This type of presentation allows the viewer to watch the combined presentation, or to watch either the video or audio over the PC information full screen — the viewer can make that decision for themselves. These presentations can be live or on demand streams. We offer rich media solutions that support most major video formats, including Flash, Windows Media, and RealMedia.

  > 15 Min > 30 Min > 60 Min > 90 Min
Rich Media Capture (based on level V classroom origination) 90 100 150 190
Rich Media Capture (field encoding) 150 200 250 325

Please note that some encoding may require set up fees due to media type of source materials.