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Services & Fees

Video Production

AMPS offers a broad range of video production services, from HD studio production and event capture, through low cost lecture capture. From large productions to small, we can help you find the right tools to get your message out, record your event, or tell your story.

To place an order for video production, please fill out our webform.

Studio Production

Videographers produce programs in a broadcast recording studio with the possibility of integrating post-production special effects. Services range from single camera recording to customized 4-camera recording including set production and satellite uplink capability.

Interview / Lecture Head Shot Multiple Camera Production
$500-$750 per program Prices start at $1,500 per day

Contact Craig Milanesi, x3-7435 cell: 617-719-2267


Through live video feeds, AMPS broadcasts video or audio interviews and presentations to media outlets around the world.

ISDN Feed for broadcast radio Satellite Uplink for broadcast video
$150 per hour $600 per hour

CONTACT MIT Video Tel: 617-253-7603,

Custom Video Production

Our expert storytellers and skilled technicians work with your organization to develop complete video programs — from conceptualization and scripting through production, editing, and distribution. Productions range from short-form documentaries, to multi-media special event "intros", to comprehensive video research reports.

Recent projects include "Energy@MIT", developed for the MIT Alumni Association, "Interplanetary Space Logistics: Enabling New Frontiers", "Doing Anthropology", and "Ideas in the Making", created for the MIT Museum.

Price quoted on a per project basis

Contact Larry Gallagher, x3-7603

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice for any cancellations. Last minute cancellations will be charged a minimum 4-hours labor. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with our policy.