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Rich media capture

Rich media capture allows you to capture video and your presentation for later viewing. This type of capture offers an engaging combined presentation that viewer can easily navigate through live or on demand. View sample rich media capture here.

AMPS offers rich media capture in the following locations:

  • Bechtel Lecture Hall, 1-390
  • LiNC Classroom, 9-057
  • Stephen P. Kaufman Family Classroom for Instruction in Teaching, 9-151
  • Ford Room, 9-152 34-101

Personal Capture option
AMPS offers a downloadable option for Mac & PC that allows you to capture video, audio and desktop data. Captures are hosted on the AMPS server. The software creates a presentation of your recording and gives you the ability to edit and upload that content to the AMPS secured server.

AMPS also offer portable packages.

Packages     Rates

1-390 | LiNC | Kaufman | Ford

  • Video over power point: $95 per hour


  • Audio over power point: $60 per hour
  • Video (wide shot of room) over power point: $95 per hour
  • Multi camera video over power point: $275 per hour

Portable packages
Portable package may include the need for additional support from MIT Video Productions and MIT AV.

  • Session rental: $175 per session


Personal laptop capture

  • $45 per hour

Fees includes 6 month hosting on AMPS servers. Additional fees apply for room access. See rates.


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