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Services & Fees

Video Conferencing

Do you need to collaborate with others outside the Institute? If so, we can provide you access to a video conferencing facility for your meeting. Video Conferencing is a green alternative to traveling off campus. Use our facilities or let us assist you in creating one of your own in your department or lab.

Find out more about the MOVI service

See what your carbon footprint might be if you actually met instead of virtually meeting - Carbon Calculator

Videoconferencing Facility Access

Host lectures, presentations, special events, or meetings in advanced distance education and videoconferencing facilities that accommodate between 10 and 100 people. AMPS also offers a portable system for videoconferencing in non technology equipped classrooms.

Facility Type Facility Access Technician Other Charges
Self-Operated (Available 8:30am - 5:30pm) $125 per hour $20 Set up N/A
Technician-Operated $175 per hour See rate schedule » Tape Stock
Portable System $210 half day
$390 full day
See rate schedule » Tape Stock

Additional telecom charge will apply if call originated from MIT.


Sample cost for 1.5 hours session during regular weekday hours ranges from $448 to $468.

Contact Clayton Hainsworth, x3-3976

Movi Desktop Video Conferencing

Tandberg MOVIWhat is Movi?  Movi is a PC SIP based desktop video conferencing software solution that is compatible with traditional video conferencing systems, both on and off campus.  Unlike Skype or iChat, which are proprietary software codecs that only connect to another computer running Skype or iChat, Movi will work with H.323 video conferencing systems, allowing you to travel and connect back onto campus, or to bring in remote guests who may not have a video conferencing system available to them.

So how does it work? AMPS can set you up with a Tandberg Movi account on the AMPS owned Tandberg hardware.   Once you have an account, you will be able to download the software and install it on your PC. You will need a USB webcamera in order to conference with other clients.  Once installed, you can log into Movi and use it immediately.

What if I want to have a person off campus call into my video conferencing system and they don’t have their own system?  Movi is the perfect solution if you need to collaborate with someone off campus.  We can set your guest up with a temporary account that they can use so they can connect to your video conferencing system.  We do recommend as much lead time as possible so you can test with them prior to the actual planned video conference to insure a smooth meeting.

Requirements: Current version is PC only, though it will work with other H.323 compatible systems or the Mac open source video conferencing software xMeeting.  You will need a Windows XP or Vista machine with at least an Intel Atom 1.6 processor and a webcamera for conferencing with Movi.

Can I also share data? The current version of Movi is video only, but future releases plan for video plus data sharing.  Clients will be notified of new software releases as they occur.

What does Movi cost?  The Movi license is $50/month for a single user license, which includes assistance and support as well as reserving your space on the system for ad hoc video calling.  For 10 or more licenses in an SLA basis, the cost is $40/month per license.  For larger bulk rates, please contact our video conferencing group for more information.

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