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Giant leaps

What is the legacy of the Apollo program, and what can we learn from it to help us confront the scientific and engineering challenges of our own time? This short film, produced by AMPS, kicked off the "Giant Leaps" Symposium, organized by MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. more »

Mind, Hand, World: The MIT Center for International Studies

MIT's Center for International Studies undertakes research, teaching, international education, and public and policy engagement on a broad range of global issues. This short film introduces CIS' major initiatives, including MISTI, the Security Studies Program, and Seminar XXI. more »

Extraordinary Learning@MIT

Students and professors talk about innovation and creativity in teaching and learning at MIT. See four examples: The hands-on Hydrodynamics Lab, HASS subject: "Learning From the Past: Drama, Science, Performance" Concourse Giant Axon Project, and the MIT Energy Initiative. Video created for the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education. more »

Jerry Milgram: An Exceptional Ocean Engineer

This video, produced for the MIT Museum, traces the life and career of legendary MIT Ocean Engineering Professor Jerry Milgram, designer of the last U.S. winner of the Americas Cup, maritime accident investigator, and research scientist. more »

Fusion Research at MIT

MIT graduate students, faculty, and staff prepare for the next generation of fusion reactors. Video produced for the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center. more »

MIT Museum: Ideas in the Making

Visit the MIT Museum where historic robots, dazzling holograms and kinetic sculpture are showcased in an intimate museum setting. Meet the people behind the exhibits - curators and Museum Director John Durant. Learn about the new Innovation Gallery, the Cambridge Science Festival and all that draws people from around the world to this unique museum located on Massachusetts Avenue on the northern edge of the MIT campus. more »